October 19, 2010

An Old Favourite: Nature's Way Anti-Tan Fade Pack

I'm usually a very lazy person when it comes to skin care. I try my best to stick to my daily skin routine, but thats it. The whole regular pampering of skin is something I always fail to do. I have plenty of face packs lying at home, but I rarely use them. Most of them I end up throwing away when they expire, and they're more often than not, more than half full. So, for quite some time, I've just stopped buying them. The only time I'll use them is if I'm sitting extremely jobless at home, or if I have somewhere special to go.

Because of this terrible habit of mine, I like products that give instant gratification. I can't be bothered with regular applications. (Some products say 'use thrice a week for best results'. Its a miracle if I use it more than once in 2 months). I'm not expecting miracles in one application, but atleast a noticeable difference.

So, this is where the Nature's Way Anti-Tan fade pack came into the picture.

What it claims: 
A wonderful anti tan fade pack which brightens skin instantly. Use it without fear as it has no chemicals like ammonia and peroxide. Use thrice a week for better result. Removes tan very effectively.


Price: Rs. 125/- for 50ml
What it does: 
It does brighten your skin instantly. I have dry and dull looking skin. This gives a nice glow to my skin and really moisturises it. I honestly don't know effective it is in removing tans. I've never used it regularly enough to  see any noticeable tan removal.

I love this face pack. I love the way my face glows after using this. And I love how soft my skin feels after.

There are some cons to this too. It is a very thick cream, so it can be a pain to take off. Also, I think the quantity is quite less. I use it once in 2-3 months. So, its lasted me over a year now. Might not be the same for someone who wants to use it regularly.

Availability is a big question mark. I have no idea where you can get this from. I got this as a sample from our salon. The beauty manager ends up giving my dad a ton of the samples that companies leave with her, every time he goes to the centre for some work. I'm almost done with mine and I'm not even sure if I'll be able to get it again. They do have a website and their located in Hyderabad. So, only option is to mail/call them and enquire.

Some of the ingredients in this pack control sebum production, which probably means that it would be more suited for people with oily skin. Works great for dry skin too.

Will I buy it again? Definitely, if I can find it again.


shoppingaholic said...

I am gonna try this not only because it gives a glow and moisturizes the skin but the fact that it may get finished in no time. I hate when i see packs lying in my refrigerator tray. :(

Thanks for this review. :)


ladylavendersays said...

I've lost count of the packs i've thrown away. Its such a waste.

If you find it, do let me know. I'll stock up this time.

indianmakeupways said...

hey i have used this and it actually does fade my tan to some extent. i always load myself up with the product so tat i never run out as i tend to tan easily

Sharon said...

checked out the website and they seem to have some gr8 products especially essential oils. thnx 4 the review now to convince my dad to let me order online ;-)

Tanveer Parmar said...

Sounds awesome, I wonder if they will ship to Mumbai...

ladylavendersays said...

@indianmakeupways.. thats good to know. where did you buy it from?
@sharon.. You could mail them and ask if they have COD option. Most indian online stores provide this option.

Anonymous said...

I personally love natural tans, but i wonder if this works with fake tans gone wrong. I really hate that orangy look that some fake tans give.
Great review by the way! :)


ladylavendersays said...

I've written a mail to them asking about their availability and the shipping options. Hopefully, they'll write back soon.

Phoebe!x said...

loving the ingredients!!

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Saoni Bir said...

Hey I loved this product but don know from where do I buy it ??? Can u help me plz ... Thanks in advance ��

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