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My dad named me 'Pooja' having been inspired by Rakhi's character in 'Kabhi Kabhi'. My grandmother wanted to name me 'Narayani'. I'm glad my parents disagreed. Being the first girl child born into my dad's family in 40 years, my birth was quite the reason for celebration.

My brother was born 3 years after me. My grandmother wanted to name him 'Narayan'. Again, my parents disagreed. I'm sure somewhere deep inside, my brother is truly thankful for that.

My mother tells me how her grandfather had land that stretched as far as the eyes could see. But, all those riches were lost in family disputes and wars. I hate how money changes everything: family, friendships, loyalty, character. Money really is the biggest evil.

I never got to meet either of my grandfathers. Dad says his dad rarely talked and was very reserved. Mom says she was her father's favourite daughter. Had he been alive when I was born, he would have spoiled me rotten. I wish I'd gotten to meet him. I'm sure I would've learnt a lot.

My father served in the army for 22 years. I spent more than half my life moving from town to town. But contrary to what everyone thinks, its an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked meeting new people, making new friends, new places. Every new place was a fresh start. Today, I feel like I'm stuck in this city. I wish I could move away, start fresh, forget the past.

When I was younger, I was so inspired by Kalpana Chawla that I wanted to be an astonaut. Then in 9th std, I was introduced to computer programming and its been my love and passion ever since. After 8 years of learning to write programs, I have a degree in hand and can call myself a computer engineer.

But my first love was books. I've been reading since the time I can remember. I grew up on a healthy staple of Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Mallory Towers, Sweet Valley High and every other book I could get my hands on. Writing came to me years later, when I was gifted my first diary. Till then, I hadn't known the pleasures of writing your thoughts down.

I fell in love once, and then had my heart broken into a million pieces. Its been 5 years, and I still can't bring myself to trust someone again. But then I'll see someone so madly in love, I wish I had that someone special in my life. I know he's out there. But I don't think I'm ready to meet him yet.

Life hasn't been easy for me. I've had those rough years, and my family went through bad times. But today, I want to believe I'm happy and things are finally going smoothly. And I honestly think they are. I think I worry too much about the future to pay attention to the present. I'm working on that.

My best friend is my mother. She's the only person in the world I'll willingly cry in front of. She's the best mother a girl could ask for. Someday, I hope to be atleast half as good a mother to my child.

As much as I love my brother, I wish he was older to me. I hate being the older child. I hate having to be the responsible one. And I hate that I worry too much that my brother is going to fall into wrong company and mess up his life. If I were the younger, I'd be the one being worried about.

I spent most of my life as a tomboy. Female influences in my life were very rare and far between. My mother has been the only constant woman in my life. Its only in the last few years that I've slowly transitioned into being a girl. My friends still won't agree with that.

After reading and programming, my third biggest passion is shopping. It doesn't matter what I'm shopping for, books, clothes, makeup, furniture. It all gets me excited.

My relationship with blogging has been on-again off-again for the last couple of years. I lose interest fairly quickly and the victim is always the blog. This is the first time I've been consistent with my blog. And this time I plan on staying committed to this blog, not only because I enjoy writing here, but also for the friends I've made here.

This blog is not just about beauty, or makeup. I write about anything I want to. It might be books, life, love, or any random ramblings.

Love, Pooja

If you want to write to me, feel free to do so at ladylavendersays@gmail.com


Anshita said...

oh my! its good to know you soo much. :) :)
books eh? i LOVE books n think i need a seperate roon for just books! i'm in 3rd year right now.

ladylavendersays said...

Lol. Same story here. All my book shelves are full and I've had to resort to stacking up my books on top of the shelves for lack of a better place...

3rd year? What're you studying?

sandhyaa said...

ohhkk i was feeling like i am reading your personal diary or mine ??
bt heyy i liked name 'narayani'...i think i shud save this name 4 my gal child :P (hope my baby does not hate me for tht :P)
and i am eldest too :) but i like my position...though i am v bad at it..my younger sis is more responsible then me :P
Tomboy really ?? i too spent 13 yrs of my life in sports shoes and with boy-haircut given by local-est barber :P
ANND abt love part - ditto ! bt after one heart break my loveliest frnds helped me in over coming that phase and i was able to trust again.. and after 4 yrs i am in love... beautifully madly deeply!! n really wish same to same happens with u too...

ladylavendersays said...

I'm sure your daughter will love the name narayani :P

unfortunately, i'm the older one and the responsible one.

Being a tomboy is fun.. isn't it?

i hope love happens for me too.. but maybe a little later. Right now, I don't think i'd have the time for it..

Anamika K said...


I am just awed by the fact that you can put so much about you as a person here. I think as bloggers we sometimes wear masks and the anonymity helps us more so. Its very nice and refreshing to read from someone who is so open about self, very commendable, especially since its very difficult. Looking forward to commenting on and reading your posts. p.s. I am an avid reader too and its always nice to connect to other bloggers who are too!

ladylavendersays said...

Thank you anamika. But i think it's the anonymity that helps me be so open about myself. It's easier to reveal yourself when others don't know who you are. And blogging is a good medium to let out what you want to say..

Anamika K said...

Agree on that count, anonymity surely helps!...though i still find it difficult to go all out about self... and yes blogging helps bring like-minded people together, so absolutely not complaining :)

ladylavendersays said...

I still haven't gone all out about myself.. but yeah, it's not easy either.

shruti said...

Hi pooja, u write wonderfully. I hv been following ur blog from quite some time, bt subscribed through GFC today only. :) I must say that a lot of people do blogging, bt many of them don't have any expression at all. U hv got such a nice flair for writing. do keep tht up. :)

Pooja Menon said...

I have an elder brother and lemme tell u, being the younger one is oh-not-so-cool. He hovers around me like a satellite at times, and expects me to listen to him all time. Behaves like he's the all-knowing almighty while I only make wrong decisions according to him. I can't live a free life with my boyfriend just coz of him. :D .. So, thank your stars you're the older one. :P

ladylavendersays said...

Well.. siblings in any form can be a pain in the ass, whether their the older one or the younger one. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side..

Anonymous said...

Impressive young lady, your style has acquired classical approach to meet mental retaliation…;P, just kidding.

Work hard…god bless you…..


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