October 14, 2010

Wild and Crazy Eyeshadow Review


Sorry I’ve been a MIA for a while, but I joined some classes last week and it’s been keeping me busy.

So, I wanted to review the Wild and Crazy e/s singles from my cherryculture haul. When I first saw these on cherryculture, I’d never heard of them. But they were only $2 (Rs. 88/-) and it was one of their Insider Picks. So I thought I’d try them. I only got 3 becuase I didn’t want to buy too many and then be stuck with crappy eyeshadows if I didn’t like them.  But these give great color pay-off for the price and I wished I’d ordered some more.

Price: $2 for 1.5 g/0.5 oz

Here are the pics with the swatches from the cherryculture.com website:

Wild n Crazy eyeshadows

The Good:

  • Very Pigmented. For the price, I was quite surprised how pigmented the colors were.
  • Really cheap.
  • I find the pots really cute. Its got a screw-on lid with a transparent window, so I can see the color.
  • The texture is really smooth, almost silky.
  • They have quite a wide selection of colors. Cherryculture has them in 68 shades.
  • Quite long lasting. I had it on for an entire day with no fading.
  • Blends well.

The Bad:

  • It has a bit of a fallout. Not too much. But for the price, I think its okay.
  • The shimmer was very subtle on the colors I got. But I saw after I’d done my eye makeup that there were tiny shimmer particles around my eyes.
  • The swatches on the website are not true to the colors. So its going to be a lot of hits and misses. You could google for swatches, but there’s not that many.

Recommend: Definitely. Especially if you’re a beginner, you can buy these and experiment with colors.

Will I Buy Again: I’ve already picked out the shades for my next order. These are pretty good for the price. Affordable enough for me to experiment.

Availability: You can order from these sites:


Rakhshanda said...

Wow they look great...Plz do the swatches. If they look good I'll surely try them. The price is great!

ladylavendersays said...

It was really dark. So I wasn't able to take decent pics. But I'll definitely update it with the swatches by tomo.

shoppingaholic said...

Nice blog!! thanks for your comment and following me. Following you back!! :)


bollywoodstylediaries said...

Love the 'sweet deal' shade..will decide after seeing it on u:-)

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