October 2, 2010

Another Boring Day.. *sigh* I wish


I’m one of those weird people who gets herself into awkward or embarrassing situations more often than not. I can’t help it. I have a penchant for it. They make for interesting stories.

So, me and my girlfriend (i know the grammar’s wrong. I’m a rebel. Sue me) were shopping at the mall. We were at it for two hours and my friend had spent the last 20 minutes trying to decide which color to buy for a particular dress. I do NOT have that kind of patience. Plus I was thirsty and starving (i skipped breakfast). So I left her at the store and headed over to the food court for some much needed grub. I felt like Chinese. So I was waiting at the Beijing Bites counter to place my order, when this guy comes up and starts chatting me up. He’s really cute, talks well, dresses well and frankly, I was enjoying the attention. He seemed to be alone and that’s weird, I mean who hangs out at a mall alone? So I ask him and he says he’s with his bro and sis-in-law and he got dragged into shopping for his parent’s wedding anniversary. All’s well and good. We get a table and I’m eating and he’s flirting (I might have flirted a little. It wasn’t my fault. The guy had the cutest smile. What sane girl could resist?).

A while later, and there’s no sign of my friend. So, I look towards the entry gate to see if she’s coming and guess who I see. An ex-boyfriend of mine that i haven’t seen in ages, with this pretty little thing on his arms and he’s walking towards me.

Now, for a little bit of history. I dated this guy back in high school and he was much much older to me. Haven’t we all fallen for the older guy atleast once in our lives? We ended on pretty bad terms and I haven’t heard from him since.

So I see this guy after all these years and he still looks the same. I don’t. I was a nerdy geek back in high school, who didn’t even know what mascara was. Now, I’m superficial and vain, but I look good.

Now, two things happened during this encounter that left me wondering if  fate’s playing a cruel joke on me.

1. The cute guy I was chatting up was my ex-bf’s brother.

2. The cute guy I was chatting up was a 17 year-old kid.

The pretty little thing on his arm turned out to be his wife. When did the dude get married? And he didn’t even recognize me at first. I don’t blame him. It’s been 6 years.

So, lets sum up my trip to the mall that I won’t be visiting for a while (scarring memories). My friend is a crazy, annoying shopper. I met my ex-boyfriend, who’s gotten hitched. He has a 17-year-old brother that he caught me flirting with.

Just lovely. *sigh*

I’d love to tell you about the remaining part of the awkward encounter which lasted till I could take it no longer and SOS’d my friend, but it doesn’t get more interesting than this.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m loving that jacket and the belt on Nina Dobrev. The rest of the outfit is kind of meh. Too stereotypically bad girl. I must give credit to Dobrev for the heartless bitch acting though. Very sexy.



bollywoodstylediaries said...

I would take it as a compliment if a 17year old flirts with me - it means i look that young:-)

indianmakeupways said...

hey ya take it as a compliment! ur ex should feel bad! u r desirable and good looking. wats the harm in tat? and dont ya feel awkward at all...who doesnt have crushes and flings??

Poohkie said...

OMG! That's awful! I think you handled it well. I would have mumbled some lame excuse and run out of there immediately. Isn't running into exs the absolute worst? Especially if they look good or have a new partner...

Also don't feel bad about flirting with a 17 year old - it happens. I've done it too a few years ago (he thought I was 16!).

ladylavendersays said...

@BSD. thanks. I never thought of it that way. quite flattering I guess.
@IMW. The awkward part was meeting my ex's family while I was flirting with one of them. And I really hope my ex felt some kind of remorse or something. It would be some consolation to my embarrassment.
@Poohkie. Thanks. I wanted to bolt too. But I thought that would look worse. And I was trying to make sure the wife doesn't think I'm lame. I know.. I'm so petty sometimes. And I hate running into ex's too. Its always so awkward.
And its flattering that he thought I was that young. But next time I'm asking a guy his age first.

Tanveer Parmar said...

OMG! That is like straight outta a sitcom! Ok, I know nothing about it seems funny to you right now. Goodness, what a moment!

ladylavendersays said...

I think my love for sitcoms may have transferred onto my real life.
Give me time. I'm sure it'll be funny some day and I'll be narrating this to all that'll listen.

anamika said...

I am 26 right now and trust me take this as a compliment :P

ladylavendersays said...

@anamika. I know i should. but the embarrassment was too much too see the brighter side of things. Maybe in time i will see it that way.

swayambhu said...

This really happened??!! Awesome!! And I think the guy was a bit stupid not to figure out you were a tad older than him..especially after the 2 of you started chatting. Or way too cocky too care. (Question: is your ex really really stupid?) You should look at the bright side of things you know...take it as a compliment and so on :-)

P.S. I often hang out at malls alone. In Bangalore. I can explain that though - I know absolutely no one here, apart from my fellow lawyers in office. Must add, it's not something I'd ever do in Calcutta.

ladylavendersays said...

The older thing part is justifiable since most people refuse to believe that i'm 22. My bro is 19 n mmost ppl mistake him as the older one.

About my ex being stupis, he probably is.

You know, i've never seen anybody hanging out alone at the mall. Shopping, sure. But, at the food court n stuff, not really. You should make more friends in bangalore. You're a lawyer. Tats fancy.:-P

swayambhu said...

Well, the food court's THE place where you're most likely to find me hanging out...I hate shopping, so no there's no chance of you catching me in any of the shops or other places! And yes, I've been trying to socialise a bit...know more people ... make some friends in B'lore....may be i'll find one here? ;-)

On a more serious note, I actually enjoy the solitude...I know it sounds weird but B'lore is a new city for me and I want to experience it the way I want to. I travel a lot, and travel alone. Would be great if you could suggest some nice but not-so-famous places to visit, you know :-)

And yes, am a lawyer...corporate lawyer doing a fair bit of transaction and advisory work. Here on a 1 year contract.

ladylavendersays said...

I enjoy solitude myself. But the mall has never seemed like the place for it. But I do like going for movies alone. I love sitting in coffee shops, either reading or writing, or sometimes just observing people.

You should definitely go to the Pyramid valley. It's THE place for solitude. Plus the pyramid valley campus is beautiful. They're open all night on full moons (the next one is on 21st). I've personally never had the chance to visit. But I've heard good things about it.
Check it out: http://www.pyramidvalley.org/home.htm

And the bannerghatta biological park is a great place too. They take you on safari's. You'll be caged while those majestic creatures roam around freely. It's a good experience.

swayambhu said...

Hey, thanks a ton...will definitely try those 2 places out! I'd heard about Bannerghata before...but not about the Pyramid valley! Btw, came across the Jungle Lodges website (http://www.junglelodges.com) a couple of days back...are they any good?

And I'd often go 2 the food court at Forum Koramangala for dinner after work as it was close to a client's office. That apart, I went to Mantri Mall once. Needless to say, all by myself. I'll agree with you that a mall isn't exactly THE place to go to when one's looking for solitude :-)

ladylavendersays said...

I've heard they're good, but just generally. Never anything specifically. A few months back, some friends of mine went to the kabini river lodge. They said they loved it. Away from the city, Above average stay, beautiful place.

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