October 30, 2010

New love: Coastal Scents Camo Quad


A few weeks back I ordered some brushes from Coastal Scents. Along with those, I also added the Camo Quad concealer in Medium. I’d seen bloggers raving about it and I thought I’d try it.

I have very dark under eye circles (I blame it on the long hours spent in front of a computer) because I do sleep quite well on most days. A concealer has been my best friend from quite some time now. Without it, I look like I was hit by a truck. Not pretty. At all!!

My concealer requirements: Creamy, blends well, and gives good coverage (I hate foundations). Apart from concealers, I like to keep my skin natural.. So, I need my concealer to do all the covering.

Enough about me. More about the quad.

So, here’s the review.

Price: $7.95 or INR 350

What they say:

Camo Quads contain 4 cream concealers. These apply with a light feel and blend easily to cover imperfections of the skin. All 3 Concealer Quads contain a white highlight shade, this is used on the inner and outer corner of the eye to impart a bright and wide awake appearance to tired eyes. White can also be used to lighten and custom blend a shade in order for it to match your skin tone. We offer these in Light, Medium and Dark tone compacts. Use on clean, moisturized skin prior to applying your foundation and powder.

Camo Quad`

What I say:

I love how creamy this is. It blends like a dream and is very pigmented. Its quite opaque, so it does a good job of covering my dark circles. It does dry to a powder finish, but its never looked cakey nor has it flaked on me, in spite of my really dry skin (I do moisturize really well). The coverage is buildable. Does require a bit of blending though. I like that there are 4 shades. You can always mix it to get the right shade for you.

The white color in the quad may look scary to most Indians. But, if you blend it well, it does work well on the inner corners of your eyes. I use it on days when I have to go out somewhere early morning ( I am so not a morning person). The other 2 lighter shades are a little useless as concealers, but they work as good eye primers, and for highlighting. They make even not-so-great-quality shadows look really bright.

I think Medium was the wrong one for me (They look darker in the pan than they are on the skin). The darkest shade in the quad just about works for my under-eye area. But it’s still too light to use on my blemishes. (By Indian standards, I’m medium skin toned). I think Dark would be a better choice for Indian skin tones (Unless you’re really fair) because it does have lighter shades in it.

I’ve found that fingers work best with this one. Its a thick consistency, which I really like. I find that liquid concealers don’t give me enough coverage.

And I almost forgot, it has great staying power. I had it on me for 12 hours once and it stayed right where it was supposed to.

Overall, its a product I’m loving right now. I’ll continue using this one till I find something better, but I will buy the Dark one the next time. And for the price, I think its a great buy.

Camo Quad1

P.S. I’ve read a lot of reviews saying these quads melt in summer, so I’d suggest storing them in a cool place. Also, I’ve heard Coastal Scents doesn’t ship these in summer. So, if you buy it and you like it, I’d suggest stocking up for the summer, though I’m not sure how these will fare in hotter weather. But, it is quite hot right now where I live and it seems to be working fine.


bhumika said...

hey dis looks like a fab product..will check it out..

anamika said...

Hey !!! it really is giving good result to your eyes..but u find other two shades use less that makes me skip it :(

what u suggest?

ladylavendersays said...

@bhumika.. it really is great. do let me know if you get it.

@anamika.. these work as really good eye primers. I find that the colors look more vibrant and staying power also increases. But you should get the quad in dark if you do. More suited for indian complexion.

Classy&Fabulous said...

wow thats amazing!

ladylavendersays said...


Poohkie said...

This looks absolutely lovely. And your before & after pics are some of the best pics I've seen so far for concealer use. Most pics don't show any change, but you've done a great job of blending it all out :)

ladylavendersays said...

@Poohkie.. Thanks a lot. In my experience, the key to making a concealer work is blending. Else, most of them look cakey, atleast on me, having been blessed with really dry skin.

Classy&Fabulous said...

i wanted to order stuff from their site but when i go to checkout and calculate shipping it says N/A which apparently means they dont have shipping to this country. how did u order it? am i doing something wrong? help!

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