February 12, 2011

I'm NOT dead!! I Swear!!!

I really want to apologize to all my readers for the lack of posts and the lack of comments on all those lovely blogs I read. But I promise I've been reading all your posts, I'm just not able to comment. Most of you know that I started work in January. It's going great, but its really really hectic. I've been working 9-10 hour shifts, on Saturdays and on most days, I bring my work home. I have no social life right now. I haven't been in touch with any of my friends for the last month. But hopefully, things will calm down in another month.

Its a Saturday and I'm buried neck-deep in work. But I took a tiny break to do a post because I'm pretty convinced most of my readers will forget I even exist in another month. So, here goes. Its not a real post. But a haul post is all I could manage time for. Sorry for that.

I got my first salary and I did a lot of shopping. Took full advantage of the Lifestyle-50% off sale. And lot of other places (Republic Day was the only day I've had off in the last month). Also did a little bit of online shopping. So anyways, I'd been wanting to buy the Colorbar blushes for a while, but unfortunately I've had no time to go shop. So, I went to their website and placed an order. I didn't order much because I wasn't sure how good their service was. But I must say I was quite impressed. I placed my order on Thursday night and I got my package this morning. That is really fast.

This is what the package looked like:
I hope you guys noticed that they had a 6-year-old write my address. 
The way it was packed, anybody could have opened my package and I wouldn't have known
Everything came undamaged.
Colorbar blush in Plum Brown. I absolutely adore this shade. Have yet to try it though.
Nail polish in Crystal Red. Sorry about the bad lighting.
I-Glide eye pencil in Prunella. I'd been dying to try this. 
This is their Duo Mascare. My mascara tube finished and I wanted to try something other than the usual Colossal Volume. I'm hoping its good. 
So guys, thats it for today. I apologise for the half-assed attempt at a post. But I promise, when I have time, I'll come up with some reviews.

Have any of you guys tried any of the above products? How was your experience?