September 21, 2010

My tiny tiny haul from Lifestyle

I was meeting a girlfriend for lunch at Chandni Chowk today, not the one in Delhi, but the one in Bangalore. Anyways, I was early and she was late, so I had about an hour to kill. Instead of going to Qwiky’s and ordering a coffee like i should have, the Shopaholic demon in me  remembered the post in IMBB about the lifestyle Cosmetics fest and dragged me over to the Oasis centre Lifestyle. I swear the good ME fought and thrashed and screamed all the way there. Unfortunately, the demon in me won.  Worst part, I had my mom’s credit card with me. Not a good thing.
So, I thought i was pretty much screwed. I had a long list of Maybelline products that I wanted to try out and I thought for sure that i was gonna go home with a hefty bill today. Thankfully for the good ME, the sale was a disappointment. The offers are not at all as they said on the website. If you buy for Rs. 500/-, you get a basic plastic pouch, for 750/-, you get a nail enamel. And the Buy 2 Get 1 free Lippie offer is on selected stock, and this particular counter was out of stock on that selected stock.
I so desperately wanted to buy a black liner, but they didn’t have a single black one, not in gel, not in liquid, not even in pencil. To say i was annoyed would be an understatement. I really wanted to buy their gel liner. I’ve been hearing great reviews about it and really wanted to try it out. Can any of you kind souls please tell me where I can get the Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in Bangalore?
So, this is what I ended up buying:
I got the Whitestay UV Compact in Natural (Rs. 150/-) which is perfect shade for me.
I bought two of the Expert Wear quads (Rs. 240/-) . The Chai Latte and Time for Wine one.
IMG_1784     IMG_1712
I already had the Time for Wine one, but one of my friends took it. But since i like this quad so much, i bought it again. Its perfect for an Everyday look. The chai latte one i bought because of all the great reviews on it. I tried it and its pretty great. The colors are really nice and pigmented. But I prefer the lid color on the crease and the crease color on the lid. it gives a very nice golden eye look.

I also bought the Expert Wear blush in Apricot flush (Rs. 209/-) and the entire credit for that goes to Mehak of Peaches and Blushes fame. I really liked her review on it and it looked so nice on her that i HAD to try it.
The color looks absolutely great on me. It gives a very natural flush to the cheeks, like if you’d been standing upside down for a while and all the blood’s rushed to your face :P.

I also bought this Color Sensational lip color in the shade Nearly There (Rs. 299/-).

Its a very nice natural shade. Almost a nude color, but it does have shimmer. It’s something I could use for an everyday look.

Moving on to the freebies:
This is the so-called makeup pouch that they gave me:
Hot pink is definitely not my color, but its not completely useless. I now keep all my carry-on makeup in it and it is currently residing in my handbag. I would have preferred if it had some compartments in it, but meh.

Then they gave me this Express Finish nail color.
The shade is called venetian gold and I really hate it. They didn’t even give me the option of choosing the shade. This is apparently the chosen shade. I’ll either give it to someone else or end up using it on my toes. I hate browns on my fingernails and would have loved to pick a nice pink shade, but those people didn’t let me. Horrible horrible people.

After lunch, my friend wanted to go shopping and I ended up at Commercial Street. Thankfully, I didn’t buy much. Just a strapless top and a black shrug.
I just love those blue flowers on the side. They’re so cute. I even have a shug in that exact shade of blue which would go perfectly with the top. And that’s the black shrug i bought. I like it. Its cute.

And i will delete any comments on my love handles. I know I have them. I know I need to lose them. It will happen.. someday. But currently, I’m very very lazy.
I also finally picked up the Oriflame Rose Deco bag that I had ordered from last month’s catalogue. It costs I think about 899/-. But it was on offer in the August catalogue and I got it for 329/-. I had bought the same bag in February as a gift for a friend. I paid 450/- then. So anyways, my consultant and I were having some issues with the delivery. I wasn’t home when she’d come and she wouldn’t be home when i went over to her place. And then in between I completely forgot about my order. So today, while I was shopping, she called and I finally picked it up. This is the bag. Isn’t it pretty?
So, thats it for today. Most of what I bought are old products and have been reviewed a million times. But if anyone wants a review on any particular product, do let me know. I’d be happy to do so.
P.S. This is my first post using Windows Live Writer and it is so much more easier to use. It is so much more easier to add photos and links, etc.


Neha said...

loved the haul!
sorry to hear abt the disappointment
can u please post close up pics of what u got!
that would be so much fun!
specially coz i am planning to go lifestyle soon ....and see the pouch too!

Poohkie said...

Really cute blog you have here :)
ps. would love a review on the time for wine quad. been eying it for ages

ladylavendersays said...

hey thanks....
@neha. I was real tired when i got back... so just put up whatever pics.. I'll definitely take better pics and do the swatches too.. hopefully by tonite..

@poohkie. thanks for liking my blog.. I was just going through your blog. I really enjoyed reading it... You have a real fun style of writing. And i'll definitely do a review. I'll try posting it by tomorrow.. hopefully:P.

bhumika said...

hey ..amazing haul...
y dnt u swatch d nearly there shade ?
does it hav brown undertones ?

ladylavendersays said...

cos i'm really lazy.. i'll have the swatches up by tonite or maybe tomo...

Poohkie said...

Thanks a lot :). are u from B'lore? I was born there & i LOVE the city. and how did your mom react when she found out?

ladylavendersays said...

Yea. I am from bangalore. And I love the city too. been here 10 years.
My mom got the text the second I swiped the card. And I got a call from her a second later. But she wasn't too mad cos I bought only worth about 1200 bucks, though I did get a warning about using her card. I should be thankful to Lifestyle for not keeping stock, i guess.
But unfortunately now, I'm gonna have to wait till next month to buy anything else.

I really want to buy the Revlon creme shadows. But I honestly cannot afford them.
I wish Maybelline would launch more of its quads in India. Its such a shame. I've only found 4 of their quads everywhere. And i only like 2 of them.

Srish said...

Great haul...I also love Maybelline...doesn't damage the wallet much!
Chk out my blog too, I hope I can inspire you to follow..:) I shall follow back...


ladylavendersays said...

Hey srish.. i loved your blog. Say hello to your latest follower. Totally digging your forever 21 haul, especially the white cape. It is sooo cute... I hope they open one in bangalore soon.. Or maybe I should plan a trip to delhi soon..

itrymakeup said...

I love the chai latte quad. It's a great eyeshadow quad for cheap!
Here's my blog if you'd like to follow it:
I love your blog so i followed!!

ladylavendersays said...

I wore the chai latte quad for the first time yesterday and I'm loving it.
I like your blog. I envy you for having access to urban decay and the elf brushes. I'm totally lusting for those.

Rakhshanda said...

Hey lovely blog!! Great products and thanx for following me....Love the lipstick shade.

ladylavendersays said...

Thanks rakhshanda...

Alexandra said...

Hey, girl, awesome blog! Thank you for the follow and for adding me to the list! Ițve done the same for you! ^.^

lots of love!

ladylavendersays said...

thank you alexandra

Mehak said...

Hey, thanks for the link- im following you now !! Im so glad you liked the blush- its my abso favourite :)

ladylavendersays said...

You're welcome.. and thank you for inspiring me to try out that shade...

Katreena said...

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