February 12, 2011

I'm NOT dead!! I Swear!!!

I really want to apologize to all my readers for the lack of posts and the lack of comments on all those lovely blogs I read. But I promise I've been reading all your posts, I'm just not able to comment. Most of you know that I started work in January. It's going great, but its really really hectic. I've been working 9-10 hour shifts, on Saturdays and on most days, I bring my work home. I have no social life right now. I haven't been in touch with any of my friends for the last month. But hopefully, things will calm down in another month.

Its a Saturday and I'm buried neck-deep in work. But I took a tiny break to do a post because I'm pretty convinced most of my readers will forget I even exist in another month. So, here goes. Its not a real post. But a haul post is all I could manage time for. Sorry for that.

I got my first salary and I did a lot of shopping. Took full advantage of the Lifestyle-50% off sale. And lot of other places (Republic Day was the only day I've had off in the last month). Also did a little bit of online shopping. So anyways, I'd been wanting to buy the Colorbar blushes for a while, but unfortunately I've had no time to go shop. So, I went to their website and placed an order. I didn't order much because I wasn't sure how good their service was. But I must say I was quite impressed. I placed my order on Thursday night and I got my package this morning. That is really fast.

This is what the package looked like:
I hope you guys noticed that they had a 6-year-old write my address. 
The way it was packed, anybody could have opened my package and I wouldn't have known
Everything came undamaged.
Colorbar blush in Plum Brown. I absolutely adore this shade. Have yet to try it though.
Nail polish in Crystal Red. Sorry about the bad lighting.
I-Glide eye pencil in Prunella. I'd been dying to try this. 
This is their Duo Mascare. My mascara tube finished and I wanted to try something other than the usual Colossal Volume. I'm hoping its good. 
So guys, thats it for today. I apologise for the half-assed attempt at a post. But I promise, when I have time, I'll come up with some reviews.

Have any of you guys tried any of the above products? How was your experience?


ClassyandFabulous said...

welcome back i was going to ask where uve disappeared

indianmakeupways said...

welcome back and great haul. even am planning to place an order with them as we dont get colorbar in kerala :(

Vanity said...

oh its okay, but i do miss you :\

vineet said...

yup aftr a long tym, nicce post, a bit girly, infact a lot girly bt happy fr u

Deeptima said...

lovely haul.. hope to see some more posts soon.. Take care!! <3

shruti said...

wow, nice haul. n yep we miss u a lot, so come back soon. :) dnt be a workoholic. ;)

ladylavendersays said...

@classy&fab.. thanks.

@anju.. thanks and you should definitely try it. they shipped it the very next morning. quite fast.

@vanity.. thanks.. i miss you guys too.

@vineet.. considering the fact that this is mostly a beauty blog, girly should be expected. and thanks..

@deeptima.. thanks.. i'll definitely try posting more often.

@shruthi.. thanks. and I miss everyone too. Hopefully will be able to post more often soon. And can't help being a workaholic. Kind of programmed that way. If not at work, thinking about work :P.

Poohkie said...

Glad you managed to do a small post. Looking forward to regular posting from you :)

I haven't tried any colorbar blush. Ya I know, shame on me. But I'm going to buy peachy rose. Been wanting to buy prunella for ages, but it's never available :( I may have to order online too.

ladylavendersays said...

@poohkie.. thanks.. lol. this is my first colorbar blush as well. wanted to buy the just earth one, but from the swatches, i had a feeling it would look muddy on me. So, went for this one since peachy rose isn't available on their website. :P. But knowing your love for eye pencils, I think you'll really like prunella. Its a gorgeous shade. Have yet to wear it, but it was really soft when I swatched it. I think it's safe to order online. Their service seems to be quite prompt. I got mine in less than two days.

Zee Bee said...

Welcome back ! I recently got Prunella its a beautiful subtle purple..the pencil is soft. I was never into eyeliner pencils -used to stick to kajal earlier.

ladylavendersays said...

@zee bee..I started using eye pencils only recently. used to stick to liquid eyeliners before that. Yea, i really liked prunella as well. its a very pretty shade..

bhumika said...

Prunella is my love...its fab..
n nice haul..congrats for the 1st pay :)
n how much was d shipping from der site ?

ladylavendersays said...

@bhumika.. thanks.. the shipping was Rs. 30.

Anamika K said...

Hello, good to hear from you ....just popped in to say that...and hope to hear from you more often :-)

Tanveer Parmar said...

Welcome back, u were missed :)

Nice haul - I hope u like the blush, this was my first colorbar blush, I love it :D

ladylavendersays said...

@anamika.. thanks.. i'm hoping to post more often. but i find no energy to post. hopefully, by month end, I should be relatively free. Thanks for stopping by.

ladylavendersays said...

@tanveer.. Thank you so much. i miss blogging too. and I love the blush. Used it the last two days. the color is absolutely gorgeous. i feel like it was made for me. only complaint is the staying power..

anamika said...

nice haul..i must try their online service too..it is so easy to get the product delivered at home.:)

Princess Kabuki said...

welcome back hun!! :]

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I really hope you join!

Marusya V said...

Great cosmetics choice! You have a great sense of style - nice blog!

Marusya V
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Ginger said...

hey!! u've got a nice blog, guess you got busy with work again. do blog again soon. TC

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