November 28, 2010

Online Shopping – I (CherryCulture, CoastalScents, ShopCraze)

I have been doing a lot of online shopping recently. And Anamika suggested I do a post on the sites I’ve been using. So, here goes.


This was the first online store I shopped from. I had heard so much about NYX that I really wanted to try it out. But the prices in India were so ridiculously high, I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. So, I checked a few online options, and came across this site. I’ve ordered from them twice now. And I’m really impressed.


1. Website Navigation is great. You can shop brand wise, category wise. It’s extremely easy to find what you want.

2. Apart from NYX, they have a whole lot of other brands available. I personally have shopped only NYX, Jordana and Wild n Crazy.

3. They have year long discounts running on almost all products. During holidays, they have additional discounts too. Recently, they had halloween & thanksgiving 20% off over existing discounts. Christmas is coming, so I’m sure they’ll have on for that too.

4. Returns policy (subject to terms and conditions).

5. Packaging is good. Each of the individual products were separately bubble wrapped and packed in a cardboard box.

6. They have a variety of shipping options.

7. Customer service is prompt.


1. I find the shipping cost a little high. Especially when you buy nail colors and palettes, the shipping costs sky rocket.

2. The swatches on their site are definitely not reliable.

3. They took over a week to ship the order. Its annoying.

4. I wasn’t very satisfied with their direct credit card payment. They only asked for card no and validity. No CVV no. Cashiers at stores I visit could have that information. I trust only Paypal.


I have ordered from Coastal Scents thrice now. One order never arrived. But they said they’d shipped it some 3 days after I placed my order. So, I think its mostly the fault of Indian Postal Service.


1. They have a decent collection of products. And the prices are pretty good too. The brushes are the cheapest I’ve seen and the quality is pretty good for the price.

2. Well packaged in bubble wrap and pink paper.

3. Delivery time was pretty good. It reached me in about 10-14 days.

4. They have links to other websites (only for certain products) which have actual swatches which is quite helpful.

5. They have some discount or the other at all times.

6. The customer service was prompt.

7. Shipping costs are pretty decent.

8. They give a free eyeshadow sample with every purchase.

9. Returns policy (for false or broken items)


1. When I informed them about my missing package 20 days from payment, they just told me to wait for it and no other response. But its mostly the Indian post’s fault. But their site says that they will reship missing orders (if not received within 42 days). I just mailed them. Yet to hear from them. Will update when I hear back.

Overall, except for the missing package (not their fault), it was a good shopping experience. I’ve been dying to buy their new Eyelash Curler.

UPDATE: I just got a mail from Coastal Scents and they said that if my package doesn't arrive by Dec 6, they'll either reship or refund the item. Now, I don't how long they'll take for that. But this is the first time an online store has taken responsibility for a missing package. I'm really impressed.


I’ve only ordered from them once. But I was quite satisfied. This was actually started by a YouTube makeup guru MakeupSquare.


1. The prices are the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere.

2. They have fixed shipping costs for specific price ranges. And the shipping costs are quite low.

3. They ship it out in about 2-3 days and delivery was quite fast. Reached me in a week.

4. Packaging is very good. Comes in a bubble wrap envelope wrapped in those foam packets.

5. Safe checkout through Paypal.


1. They currently only have MAC pigment samples, NYX and TrueFace and LA Colors Nail Art products.

2. The site design is quite basic.

3. No returns policy.

4. They don’t have all the shades available for a given product.

5. Unreliable swatches.

I would personally have preferred ShopCraze over CherryCulture. But the lack of brands and shades makes me gravitate more towards CherryCulture.

Since this post is already getting too long, I’ll continue this in the next post. Hope this information helped.


Poohkie said...

Really good roundup. I've never shopped online for makeup. For some reason I'm wary of online shopping. But I want to try out brands that are not available in Chennai like NYX. Will check out the sites you've mentioned.

Diva Putri said...

PS. Im your new follower now :)
hope we can be a good friends and comment on our blog oftener :)

little geek madame

ClassyandFabulous said...

duuuddee its going to be a month and my cherry culture package has not arrived :(

ladylavendersays said...

@Poohkie..Even I used to be wary of online shopping. But since I've started, I haven't been able to stop. It's quite addictive. And I really love most of my NYX items. But order in smaller amounts. Since the USPS option has no tracking, they don't take responsibility for lost items.

ladylavendersays said...

@classy&fabulous.. That happens sometimes. Mehak(Peaches and Blush) was saying the same thing. Even she has a cherryculture order pending.

Sharon said...

Thnx 4 listing out ur experiences.Checkin out the third site rite now :)

RoseofSharron said...

I wanted to try coastalscents. I heard it was good for such a cheap price. Thanks for the post!

ladylavendersays said...

@sharon. You're welcome. if you order from shopcraze, do share your experience.

@RoseofSharron. You should try coastal scents atleast once. They have very decent prices for the quality they provide.

shoppingaholic said...


I am checking out these websites now. I try to play safe when it comes to online shopping, and your review is gonna help a lot!


bhumika said...

dats a nice round up...

anamika said...

Pooojaaa..... i am soo sorry i forgot about the post...

thank u so much for doing this ..

Tell me one thing ..will shop cost less in terms of MAC purchases?

ladylavendersays said...

Anamika.. i've never shopped at MAC. So, I have no idea how much the pigments cost. Plus shopcraze sells only sample sizes. So, I'm not sure.

shoppingaholic said...

Hey Sweets, I have awarded you with Stylish blogger Award. Please come and accept it!!


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