November 30, 2010

My First Blog Award

This is my first blog award and this is from Jiya of Confessions of a Shoppaholic fame. I'm really happy to have gotten this award from her. Jiya is a beautiful and stylish blogger. And her posts are always a delight to read. She truly is a shoppaholic and her hauls are always interesting. Head on over to her blog right now.

So, to accept this award, I have to

1. thank the person who gave you this award. Thank you so much, Jiya.

2. tell 7 facts about yourself.

3. pay it forward to 7 bloggers you adore and contact them to let them know they've been chosen.

So, 7 facts about me

1. I am an extremely clumsy person. I can literally trip on flat surfaces. And I can't remember the last time I got out of bed without hurting myself. Everytime I see a great pair of heels in a store and want to buy it, my mom jokes about having to hire someone just to keep me from falling flat on my face. 

2. I used to play rugby in school. And i'm not ashamed to say I loved being rough on the field.

3. I'm an engineering graduate and will soon be an employee of one of my dream companies. 

4. I have a mortal fear of public speaking. 

5. My mom is my best friend. I can tell her absolutely anything. 

6. I wear glasses all the time. I've been wearing them for 10 years now. I tried wearing contact lenses. But every time I buy a new pair, I lose them in about a week. 

7. I own over 400 books that I've been collecting since I was 13. 

If you want to know more about me, go here.

And the 7 bloggers I tag are:

Classy&Fabulous of Fashion Ph.D
Sandhya of 5 Wall
Bhumika of New Love
Poohkie of Poohkie's Place

Thank you again for the award Jiya.


shoppingaholic said...

Hey sweets, I really enjoyed reading your facts. Would you believe me that point 1 is so tru about me... i keep dropping stuff, and my collision with people.... out of no where. Yes I call it collision because main kisi se bhi takra jati hu... pata nahin

<3 hun

Rakhshanda said...

Hey congrats!! Well deserved:))

ladylavendersays said...

Thanks rakshanda..

Srish said...

Thank U so much dear! :))

ladylavendersays said...

You're welcome Srish..

bhumika said...

thanks a lot pooja...:)

ClassyandFabulous said...

Oye! thank you so much. I did not expect this,haha thank you. Ur so sweet:)
I didnt know you were an engineering student,interesting and congrats on landing ur dream job soon.

ladylavendersays said...

You're welcome bhumika. You def deserved it.

@Classy&Fab.. You're welcome and thanks. I'm so excited about my job.

bollywoodstylediaries said...


Hey, I am an army brat too :-) software engineer and books are my first love!! we have so much in common!!

ladylavendersays said...

@BSD.. hey. wow. Thats so cool.

Poohkie said...

hey thanks! So sweet of you to give me this award. And the facts are truly interesting. Same pinch on the public speaking. And congrats on landing your dream job.

ladylavendersays said...

Thanks poohkie. And you deserved the award.

Poohkie said...

:) If you hadn't given me the award, I would have given it to you lol

ladylavendersays said...

Its the thought that matters. So thanks a lot poohkie..

shoppingaholic said...

Sweets this owl necklace is for INR 633 wihtout shipping charges!!

shoppingaholic said...

Please send a comment and let me know if you plan to buy it!!

shoppingaholic said...

sorry if you feel like I am spamming your blog but I really want you to buy this owl necklace. ADDED BENEFICIAL NEWS that ASOS is ahving 20% off on all goods. Do the price of Owl neckalce comes out to be Almost INR 500.

sandhyaa said...

Thank you so so much.. !!!
you just made my day...its my first blog award ever...i am feeling like a super cool blogger :) yeye yeye !!
next post 'll surely be abt it ... !

Deeptima said...

congrats for your 1st award... and thnk u soo much for passing it to me !!
thnx !!
(sry for the delayed reply)

Lauxafarian Fashion said...

I just added you to my Lux... blog. I am not gonna miss your posts in any love.


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